There are tax considerations across every aspect of your personal financial management from salary and investment income through retirement and estate planning. Your tax bill is likely your single biggest expense every year and there are likely more ways you could save money on your taxes. Artful Business Consultants employ a number of simple strategies to reduce tax: conversion of non-deductible debt, optimization of investments (RRSP, TFSA, RESP etc.), income splitting, small business vs. personal expenses.

Artful Business Consultants will develop an effective tax strategy that is tailored to your family’s financial position. The benefit to you and your family is a more coordinated and efficient approach to your tax planning and ultimately overall financial picture. As tax laws regularly change and become more complex, Artful Business Consultants help ensure that you comply with current laws while maximizing your personal return.

Artful Business Consultants offer a full range of Canadian tax planning services, including:

  • Tax Planning and structuring to minimize taxes
  • Consultation on tax implications of proposed transaction and new investments
  • Preparing of tax information
  • Consultation on benefits of tax deferral and filing positions
  • Preparation of CRA requests
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